Saturday, December 20, 2008

Teh Sketchbook

Oh, hai. Squash or stretch?

My biggest problem has always been giving faces convincing expressions. I just could not make myself to mix really gung-ho cartoonish expressions with what I pass off as 'realistic'. I do want to be comfortable with giving pretty faces strong emotional expressions even if I have to exaggerate just a little bit. I need to draw more...

Not quite there yet. I need to relax and just let rubber faces emerge.

Of course I can't resist another random creature feature. I sort of like this one, maybe she can be redesigned and developed further.

It's a whale squid, or should that be a squile? wheid? Or maybe say paus sotong? Pato? Sotu?

You know what? Never mind, I'm just being weird again.

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azhar said...

no new update?