Saturday, May 12, 2007

Random sketch : Gergasia

I'm still filling up a new sketchbook and haven't scanned a damned thing. So instead here's something a little older from my "not-really-cheesecake" folder. I dunno, what the hell possessed me to color it so horribly.


is said...

fewwit! ok per, hitam skit, tapi bolehla. aku dah install,ok gak software, hampir macam photoshop.

azhar said...

i luv it

i luv it..

with more sketches..
musti abg nurman semakin hebat nihhhh

post more

Kalamtimur said...

Hopefully, the PTS will come up with Satria Alam on schedule...

yes, I like the sketches, too

is said...

oooo, PTS, sungguh best nama tu...

azhar said...


x de artwrk baru ke boss?

azhar said... more la bro..

miss yer sketch.

since u r a sagitarius...same wth me la bro..

mine 11 December 1977..u?