Saturday, March 31, 2007

Random sketch : A revisit

I was cleaning up when I came across some superhero sketches I made back in 1999. We had such great parties then.

The guy is Haris Rosh, a former doctor who lost his arm in a botched raid on an organ harvesting operation he was running. Instead of simply jailing him, the authorities decided to reuse him in an experimental propaganda project. Yes, I know it doesn't make any sense but it sounded dark, gritty and cynical therefore cool at the time. His arm is a highly modular multi-tool and his other implants make him one of the most versatile cyborgs in the world.

The lady goes by the name of Redscape, an expert illusionist, athlete and escape artist extraordinare. Get it? Red cape, escape artist... yeah, goofy as hell. She's a full-time government sponsored superhero and has the added responsibility in making a hero out of Haris. She has no real superpowers except for a mysterious shape shifting cape. What do you think?


vonadler said...

Peace upon you,


Wanna make this a short story?


Norman said...

I dunno, maybe. What do you have in mind?

vonadler said...

Peace to you,

Well, I could make an intro for them... then we will see where we could go further with them, eh wot, old chap?