Monday, January 15, 2007

Well, hell...

I messed up my internet connection playing around with the modem settings while having another go with yet another Linux distro. Everything got hosed of course but you can't learn a thing until you try, right? My conclusion is I need to get another computer or another hard drive for experiments so I don't kacau my work computer again.

Another thing was I couldn't believe how addicted I am to trawling news items... until I went without it. I actually lost sleep not seeing scraps of text crawling on my screen! A sort of nerd fever struck, I panicked and I put down my artwork and (not before harassing a few people in the dead of night, sorry guys) fiddled with the modem until I got it to reset.

Stupid? Yes, but worth it when I was able to log on to my precious Google reader.

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Its just me said...

Hell on earth... haha... saya baru jer re-format pc. malas betul nak install one by one software and program.