Monday, January 29, 2007

I've been offline for awhile...

I would like to apologize to the two or three people who actually come here with hope of being entertained. I'm on a little Linux tour de distro right now, hopping from Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mandriva 2007, Knoppix and now back to Ubuntu 6.10. I can't wait for a real multimedia Linux aimed for artist to be released.

After several false starts in the beginning and confusion on my part, I discovered that Linux today isn't as horrifically difficult as it was portrayed to me not long ago. It's just different. Still, I wonder why some people are put off by the command line. It's not as if a lot of us haven't used DOS to boot Windows, games or applications to finish those college assignments back then. In fact, setting up Ubuntu to work felt exactly like futzing around with DOS trying to squeeze the best out of some game I installed into my school's 386 pcs.

Oh, man I feel old.

Now I have an itch to actually try Debian Sarge... I dunno, maybe later. Then maybe, just maybe if the Satria Alam release date would stop getting delayed and starts to bring in some cash, I can finally get a scanner and a good DVD burner. Till then, watch this space.

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