Friday, December 08, 2006

Manuscripts Don't Burn

If you live in Malaysia or care at all about your freedom to read and express yourself, then you should take a peek at this blog. Bloggers Against Book Banning is a campaign to educate the public about book bans especially in Malaysia. They also have links to other participating sites.

Why did I decide to include a non-comic book item here? Well, I'm an avid reader myself and it'll be a shame if I let some dweeb in an office decide what I should think. If the citizens don't even make an attempt to check information bans then what's to stop them from tightening the ban to other media? Any government/theocratic bureaucrat worth his salt can make up any amount of reasons to do this and you know it. Which means local producers have to curtail creativity and constantly look over their shoulders so they don't get slammed by the mighty Ban Hammer. That costs money, lots of money...

Damn it all, I'm starting to rant!

See the link there in the side bar? Go click it to find out more.

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