Monday, October 09, 2006

Starting on my second Satria Alam book


azhar said...

wahhh...giler ahhh!!!

dah stat book 2...

tu..satria alam masuk dimensi angkasa setan ke?

Norman said...

I suppose its okay, I guess. We intend to delve more into the main character's motivations.

I love Space Cop Gaban but that idea is too kooky even for me. So Satria Alam #02 starts instead with a dream sequence. Our hero might go to a some sort of hellish place in later though.

I wanted to invoke some 'ancient' imagery as well as dream-like quality to the sequence. I hope to get it even weirder on the next few pages.

P.S : Ah, don't forget to email me when you finish your book, ah?

azhar said...


best nih

as for my book..still stuck at pg 90